Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Arrival - continued three

She was unaware of the fact that many a sheltered and to say the least, spoiled, young women such as herself desired to be punished for their misdeeds and down right disobedience.  Even though she was 18 LeAnne still felt her parents were getting rid of her by sending her off to a college that was well away from home.  That wasn't how they felt at all.  Her mother was an illuminist of the college and a former occupant of The Quarter House.  She knew better than LeAnne that her stay there would be just what she needed.  LeAnne had great potential in life but she lacked discipline.  Both self discipline and the discipline needed for one's own actions.  She hadn't a clue that her mother was disciplined by her father through regular spankings but that was indeed something she had been lacking and greatly needed from that day forward.

Without warning or indication Mr. Edwards placed his left hand on the small of her back.  It startled her slightly but she keep her hands where they were.  The sensation of a man's large and callused hand touching her skin was almost beyond words.  Even more exciting was that fact she had just met this man and already and here she had bared herself to him. 

From the small of her back Mr. Edwards' hand nudged to her right hip.  The sensation on her exposed skin was so intense she almost didn't care what was going to happen next.  Suddenly, like a gust of window coming through an open window causing the drapes to flutter about, the thought came to her that he might be using something other than his hand.  She had to admit to herself that whatever was used was a long time coming. 

Just as the thought occurred to LeAnne that maybe she could get out of the dilemma she was in Mr. Edwards wrapped his left arm firmly around her waist as he raised his right hand to let down a firm smack to her naked behind.  It actually wasn't at all what she expected.  LeAnne envisioned her bottom burning from the first smack to the last and instead his first smack seemed to be done in such a way that he was more or less just marking his territory.  Then a smack to her other check with the same intensity. 

As another came down and then another LeAnne began telling herself that this wasn't so bad at all.  Little did she know Mr. Edwards was simply warming up her soft white orbs so they could take a much sounder chastisement than she contemplated.   Mr. Edwards had said little as he delivered blows to LeAnne's flesh and without warning, once again, he stopped, let go of her waist, backed up and told her to remove her jeans completely.

Her bottom was warm but it remarkably didn't hurt.  LeAnne began telling herself she could do this.  She, of course, couldn't see that her bottom was turning a nice shade of pink as she stood there naked from the waist down.  As she stepped back she noticed a chair next to a mirror on the floor that was leaning against the wall.  Her mind was racing as she began pondering what was next.  Actually, she knew pretty well what was next.  She just didn't want to admit it to herself.

Mr. Edwards, without saying a word, simply sat down in the chair and then with his right hand gave a few pats on his right thigh for LeAnne to assume a new position.  LeAnne gave a surprised look coupled with a naughty girl pout and voluntarily placed herself across his lap.  He placed is right hand on her right bare cheek and with his left he pointed to the mirror.  Then he instructed LeAnne to straight ahead at the mirror and not to take her eyes off of it.  He wanted her first spanking at Quarter House to be memorable and it would be.  She would have the sensation of pain coming from her naked bottom and the memory of watching herself receiving that pain would never leave her mind.

Friday, December 30, 2016

The Arrival - continued two

In a tone that seemed to cause her whole body to lightly shiver Mr. Edwards began explaining that all occupants of The Quarter House have never been, and will never be, allowed to wear blue jeans except in the performance of specific assigned outdoor duties.  It was then, as she was wrapping her head around what he had just said, that she heard him tell her to unbuckle and lower her pants.

Suddenly and without warning LeAnne began feeling her face blush.  To her it wasn't so much the act of pulling her blue jeans down.  It was more the fact that, of all days, she chose to not wear any panties.  She liked not wearing them.  It gave her a sense of freedom.  Not to mention excitement knowing that she was dressed, or not fully dressed, that way.  Like an old computer with the spools and flashing buttons LeAnne's brain began piecing together the events of the day.  There wasn't a person on the Estate that she knew.  Her parents kept her phone so she couldn't call anyone.  For a millisecond she thought of bolting out of the room but where would she go?  She didn't have a clue as to where she actually was either.

Without thinking, her hands seemed to have a mind of their own and made their way to the top button of her jeans.  Perhaps the thing to do was to simply stop thinking about it and just do it.  In the end she thought, "What could happen.  I'd be embarrassed, he would be embarrassed and he would tell me to pull them back up."   She placed her thumbs on each side of her jeans waistband and slowly pulled her skin tight pants down.  She had to admit to herself there was an excitement to it all.  Here was man she'd never met before ordering her to do something she would have never dreamed of doing.  She felt vulnerable and safe at the same time.  After all Ms. Bell was downstairs.  Then came another thought.  She certainly wouldn't be the first young woman to show up in blue jeans so her mind accepted the idea that this must have happened to many other girls before her.

There was a peaceful excitement now, as her jeans were  pulled down to her thighs.  Still no response from Mr. Edwards either.  This must be what he wanted?  He would have said something if it wasn't, right?  What would be next?

Now, with her pants to her knees she was fully exposed and it was obvious she hadn't been wearing panties.  Mr. Edwards was calm and collected as his reaction to her unveiling seemed routine and ordinary.  LeAnne began to consider the idea that this had indeed happened before, with other young women just arriving, and this was now, for her, an unrehearsed scenario played out many time before.  If so, and this was just the first act, what was next?  The stage was set but for what?  The unknown was exciting and scary at the same time.  In truth, what was happening now could never have been dreamed of when she stepped foot on the train platform less than an hour ago.

She wanted so badly to know the plot and how her character's fate would conclude.  There was an undeniable sereneness about her surrendering to his authority.  It allowed her mind to accept standing there in front of a man, exposed and vulnerable, without feeling shame or humiliation.  Still, she could not help but wonder what would be next.  Would she find herself stand totally naked in front of him?

Finally, through what seemed like hours but in reality was only minutes, a response and reaction came from Mr. Edwards.  First came the scolding for wearing jeans and all the reasons why it was in the Quarter House Rules.  She had never heard it before but as she stood there exposed the rules seemed more than reasonable.  The idea of the rules being archaic and out dated was irrelevant since she was standing there with her jeans to her knees and fully unveiled anyway.  She would never have done this, or allowed it to happen before, but somehow this was different.  This was new, it was different, my god it was exciting in fact.  She had never been scolded like this and even though one might think it was unfair, because she had no idea of any requirements beforehand, LeAnne began to consider the idea of some penalty for her infraction.  Mr. Edwards asked LeAnne if she understood the rules regarding her wearing jeans and with more of a reflex response she gave a node indicating that she did.  In fact, she now had an insatiable desire to just take them completely off but of course didn't because there was still the thought that at any moment she would be ordered to pull them back up and button them.

There was no indication Mr. Edwards would be standing up and when he did LeAnne's body froze in anticipation.  She could imagine a great many things but decided to let her mind go blank instead.  All she could hear in the room was his voice ordering her to lean forward and place her hands on top of the table.   She had no clue that this is how it was done.  Since the beginning of Quarter House every young woman started her occupancy this way.  The key with every woman, young or old, is to establish authority and discover her willingness to submit to it.  With LeAnne there was a willingness in part because of the "unknown" factor.  Another reason was the thrill of exploration.  She hadn't been told what was happening next but she could make a very good educated guess.  As she rationalized it she could accept a spanking for a wide variety of reasons known only to her. 

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Introduction to Quarter House

Quarter House Rules

Everyone in town knew about the Quarter House.  It was like all the other Boarding houses on the north end of that sleepy college town but different.  Young women had been attending that college for over 200 years and the house seemed to be just as old.  The house seemed like it grew right from the ground surrounded by a small working farm and horse stables which helped supplement income for the estate, as if they needed it.

Depending on the season, time of day and where you stood, the house seemed to take on different moods and personalities of its own.  If you were ever allowed access onto the estate you would witness the occupants living normal lives of a college student.  That is if you were ever allowed access.  In it's history no one but it's occupants and staff have ever been allowed to roam its grounds.  Let alone venture inside any of its walls.  Studying to maintain the highest academic level was a main goal and purpose for the occupants of Quarter House but not the only one.

The Quarter House Estate is unique unto itself due to state legislation past in the early 1800's.  The original owner was, to say the least, a dogmatic Libertarian.  He was able to annex the estate and have it zoned as neutral which gave it exclusive jurisdiction.  His argument was that if Washington D.C. could do it he should be able to as well.  Shortly after its annex Congress passed a law forever limiting the ability of passing such an annex.  The Estate, as many towns people called it, has its own laws and codes that are only known to its occupants and staff.  And have been since its conception.

You might not believe such a place exists in this day and age but it's there and will probably always be.    Written on a plague by the founder are theses words;
"Inside these walls young women will learn their destiny and become more than they are!"  Magnus Brigmann, Esq.
There is a scenes one has, as you turn off the main road onto The Quarter House Estate, that you're entering into a world unto and by itself.  There is a long, paved, one way road that reveals Quarter House slowly to those first arrivals.  It invites anxiety and excitement simultaneously.

Only family Alumni are granted admittance to Quarter House as Staff or Occupants with a waiting list of years before consideration is approved.  Every square foot in every building and grounds on the Estate has a  story to tell and their stories will be told.

Most days in the lives of an average person is filled with the same thing day after day.  At The Quarter House every day has its routines but everyday is still different than the one before.  Occupants reside there for no less than 4 years and some begin their occupancy just after their 18th birthday while others might start in their early 20's. 

The Arrival

Quarter House Rules
- The arrival -
Part One

From the beginning of Quarter House every young woman's mode of transportation to the quiet college town of Heritage has been by train.  There was nothing fancy or ornate about the station either.  It was simply a place to embark or exit a train car.  That was no different for LeAnne who was accompanied by her mother and father and to her seemed boring to say the least.  She was unique like every individual but very similar to other young women her age.  She would be attending college to discover what she could do in life.  And she would be staying at Quarter House to become more than she dreamed she could be.

Up to that day her affluent parents indulged her like most who have a single child.  But those days would soon end and LeAnne would come to learn quickly that for every privilege there was a price.  For years she believed her education was in the private schools she had been attending through the years.  It wouldn't take long for her to discover those years were simply the A,B,C's of life and now she would be learning how those letters come together to form words she never knew existed.

The train pulled up slowly to the station and it was then LeAnne discovered she would be leaving the train by herself.  Her parents made the ride with her so they would have time to spend together before her new adventure in life would begin.  Armed with only her two pieces luggage she stood there holding them as the train began picking up speed to head to the next destination.

It was then she realized she didn't quit know where she was.  All this time they had been talking and laughing about old times while she hadn't really paid attention to where they were heading.  A deep sense of loneliness came upon her as though she was lost without a map in life or one to get her to Quarter House.  The first thing she thought of was to find her phone and call her parents but her phone was missing and, to her, so was her connection to the world.  As she walked inside the small station the floors creaked with every step.  It was then the station attendant noticed that someone had gotten off the train and gave a warm and welcome greeting.  After casual introductions were exchanged LeAnne explained she was needing directions to The Quarter House and wanted to know how far away it was from the station.  Just as she finished her questions the floor to the station creaked again and a man's voice filled the room to announce he would be taking her to Quarter House.

She had no sooner turned around and the driver was reaching out to take her luggage.  She looked behind her at the station attendant's expression to clarify whether he was indeed the driver for Quarter House and he gave a simple wave with his hand that he was.  The driver would have approached her sooner but the fact she was wearing blue jeans, a black sweater and hiking boots through him off from thinking she would be an occupant.  She appeared more like staff for the stable.
He opened the back door of the car and as LeAnne got in he put her luggage in the trunk.  Little did she know that his opening and closing her door would be one of the last things done for her by someone else.

It took little time before they were driving off the main road onto the private road leading to Quarter House.  In fact, it was a longer drive on the private road to the house than it was from the station to the private road.  Along the way she watched riders galloping their horses in the distance while other horses close to the road were grazing.  There were trees everywhere she looked.  In a few she spotted tree houses and hanging from other trees were swings with long ropes tied off on very high branches.  Reaching the end of the long road was a beautiful gazebo that the driver pointed out he helped build.

LeAnne began to realize that she didn't expect Quarter House to be located in such a place.  She had envisioned something totally different and now she couldn't imagine anything else.  Horses!  She loved to ride horses.  She had never been on a swing that was tied onto a tree branch either.

The car slowly pulled up to the front of the house and stopped.  The driver, walking past LeAnne's door, went to the trunk, pulled out her luggage and left it directly behind the car.  She thought nothing of it and opened the door herself and got out.  Without saying a word the driver tipped his hat as he walked by her to get in the car and then door around to the back of the house.  It had always been that way.  When young women first rode up in a horse and buggy the driver did the same back then.  The purpose was to observe their reaction and subsequent behavior.  Would they take it upon themselves to pick up their luggage and take it to the front porch of the house?  Or would they stand there expecting someone to come along and do it for them?  Most of the time, like LeAnne did, they would stand there and gaze at the house not realizing for a second what tales each room could tell.  LeAnne didn't know, as the others before her and those who would arrive after her, that up on the second floor, behind a window was the Administrator looking down at her.  His role in her life would be an experience she could have never have imagined, dreamed for and dreaded.

After a few minutes of taking it all in LeAnne was ready to walk to her luggage, pick them up and walk up the few steps to the entrance.  But before getting to the first step the door opened and Ms. Bell, the Quarter House Governess, stepped out into the entryway and asked, "You are LeAnne?"
"Hello, yes I'm LeAnne." She replied.
"Very good then.  I am Ms, Bell and I'm the Governess of Quarter House and,..."
"Pleased to me you." LeAnne said as she interrupted Ms. Bell.
"Did you just rudely interrupt me while I was talking?  No, I know you didn't.  Did you?"  She commented in a very stern tone of voice.
"I'm sorry I did.  I'm just a bit excited about all this.  And anxious too I suppose."  LeAnne explained.
As Ms. Bell stepped down the stares she said, "Well, there will NOT be anymore of that while you're hear.  Is that understood?"
Thinking her reply was fine LeAnne said, "Sure, no problem."

Ms. Bell wasn't sure if she was being sincere or obstinate then she gave LeAnne a look of contempt, shrugged her shoulders a bit and told her to bring her luggage into the house.  As LeAnne entered, and Ms. Bell closed the door, she got a since from the quiet inside that no one else was there.  "Where is everyone?" She asked.
"They're all out and about."  Explained Ms. Bell.  "Now you take your luggage upstairs to the third room on your left and then go down the hall to the room at the end.  Mr. Edwards, the Administrator, is there waiting for you.
"Oh, okay." LeAnne replied.  And as she headed up the stairs Ms. Bell turned to walk away and muttered quietly, "Oh, okay."

LeAnne found her room, placed her luggage on the bed and began to unpack everything.  It wasn't what she was told to do but at least she wasn't unpacking right then and there out of defiance.  It simply slipped her mind that she was to go, right away, to the room down the hall where Mr. Edwards was waiting.  Then it dawned on her, five or so minutes into unpacking, that he was waiting.  She stopped what she was doing, left the room and rushed down the wall.  In her enthusiasm to get there she didn't bother knocking on the door either.  She just opened it and walked right in to find Mr. Edwards at a table and reviewing her scholastic records.

She was not making a good first impression at all.  She closed the door behind her but she was immediately told to keep it open and to stand next to the table.  She could tell by the window that the room faced the front of the house and was distracted by the view of the front grounds.  

Mr. Edwards quickly gained her attention by simply speaking in his rich baritone voice that couldn't help but grab her attention.  LeAnne was somewhat used to the authority of teachers and principles through the years but looked at them as mere inconveniences rather than authority over her.  It was clear by Mr. Edward's tone that she shouldn't take what he had to say lightly.