Thursday, December 29, 2016

Introduction to Quarter House

Quarter House Rules

Everyone in town knew about the Quarter House.  It was like all the other Boarding houses on the north end of that sleepy college town but different.  Young women had been attending that college for over 200 years and the house seemed to be just as old.  The house seemed like it grew right from the ground surrounded by a small working farm and horse stables which helped supplement income for the estate, as if they needed it.

Depending on the season, time of day and where you stood, the house seemed to take on different moods and personalities of its own.  If you were ever allowed access onto the estate you would witness the occupants living normal lives of a college student.  That is if you were ever allowed access.  In it's history no one but it's occupants and staff have ever been allowed to roam its grounds.  Let alone venture inside any of its walls.  Studying to maintain the highest academic level was a main goal and purpose for the occupants of Quarter House but not the only one.

The Quarter House Estate is unique unto itself due to state legislation past in the early 1800's.  The original owner was, to say the least, a dogmatic Libertarian.  He was able to annex the estate and have it zoned as neutral which gave it exclusive jurisdiction.  His argument was that if Washington D.C. could do it he should be able to as well.  Shortly after its annex Congress passed a law forever limiting the ability of passing such an annex.  The Estate, as many towns people called it, has its own laws and codes that are only known to its occupants and staff.  And have been since its conception.

You might not believe such a place exists in this day and age but it's there and will probably always be.    Written on a plague by the founder are theses words;
"Inside these walls young women will learn their destiny and become more than they are!"  Magnus Brigmann, Esq.
There is a scenes one has, as you turn off the main road onto The Quarter House Estate, that you're entering into a world unto and by itself.  There is a long, paved, one way road that reveals Quarter House slowly to those first arrivals.  It invites anxiety and excitement simultaneously.

Only family Alumni are granted admittance to Quarter House as Staff or Occupants with a waiting list of years before consideration is approved.  Every square foot in every building and grounds on the Estate has a  story to tell and their stories will be told.

Most days in the lives of an average person is filled with the same thing day after day.  At The Quarter House every day has its routines but everyday is still different than the one before.  Occupants reside there for no less than 4 years and some begin their occupancy just after their 18th birthday while others might start in their early 20's. 

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