Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Arrival - continued three

She was unaware of the fact that many a sheltered and to say the least, spoiled, young women such as herself desired to be punished for their misdeeds and down right disobedience.  Even though she was 18 LeAnne still felt her parents were getting rid of her by sending her off to a college that was well away from home.  That wasn't how they felt at all.  Her mother was an illuminist of the college and a former occupant of The Quarter House.  She knew better than LeAnne that her stay there would be just what she needed.  LeAnne had great potential in life but she lacked discipline.  Both self discipline and the discipline needed for one's own actions.  She hadn't a clue that her mother was disciplined by her father through regular spankings but that was indeed something she had been lacking and greatly needed from that day forward.

Without warning or indication Mr. Edwards placed his left hand on the small of her back.  It startled her slightly but she keep her hands where they were.  The sensation of a man's large and callused hand touching her skin was almost beyond words.  Even more exciting was that fact she had just met this man and already and here she had bared herself to him. 

From the small of her back Mr. Edwards' hand nudged to her right hip.  The sensation on her exposed skin was so intense she almost didn't care what was going to happen next.  Suddenly, like a gust of window coming through an open window causing the drapes to flutter about, the thought came to her that he might be using something other than his hand.  She had to admit to herself that whatever was used was a long time coming. 

Just as the thought occurred to LeAnne that maybe she could get out of the dilemma she was in Mr. Edwards wrapped his left arm firmly around her waist as he raised his right hand to let down a firm smack to her naked behind.  It actually wasn't at all what she expected.  LeAnne envisioned her bottom burning from the first smack to the last and instead his first smack seemed to be done in such a way that he was more or less just marking his territory.  Then a smack to her other check with the same intensity. 

As another came down and then another LeAnne began telling herself that this wasn't so bad at all.  Little did she know Mr. Edwards was simply warming up her soft white orbs so they could take a much sounder chastisement than she contemplated.   Mr. Edwards had said little as he delivered blows to LeAnne's flesh and without warning, once again, he stopped, let go of her waist, backed up and told her to remove her jeans completely.

Her bottom was warm but it remarkably didn't hurt.  LeAnne began telling herself she could do this.  She, of course, couldn't see that her bottom was turning a nice shade of pink as she stood there naked from the waist down.  As she stepped back she noticed a chair next to a mirror on the floor that was leaning against the wall.  Her mind was racing as she began pondering what was next.  Actually, she knew pretty well what was next.  She just didn't want to admit it to herself.

Mr. Edwards, without saying a word, simply sat down in the chair and then with his right hand gave a few pats on his right thigh for LeAnne to assume a new position.  LeAnne gave a surprised look coupled with a naughty girl pout and voluntarily placed herself across his lap.  He placed is right hand on her right bare cheek and with his left he pointed to the mirror.  Then he instructed LeAnne to straight ahead at the mirror and not to take her eyes off of it.  He wanted her first spanking at Quarter House to be memorable and it would be.  She would have the sensation of pain coming from her naked bottom and the memory of watching herself receiving that pain would never leave her mind.

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