Friday, December 30, 2016

The Arrival - continued two

In a tone that seemed to cause her whole body to lightly shiver Mr. Edwards began explaining that all occupants of The Quarter House have never been, and will never be, allowed to wear blue jeans except in the performance of specific assigned outdoor duties.  It was then, as she was wrapping her head around what he had just said, that she heard him tell her to unbuckle and lower her pants.

Suddenly and without warning LeAnne began feeling her face blush.  To her it wasn't so much the act of pulling her blue jeans down.  It was more the fact that, of all days, she chose to not wear any panties.  She liked not wearing them.  It gave her a sense of freedom.  Not to mention excitement knowing that she was dressed, or not fully dressed, that way.  Like an old computer with the spools and flashing buttons LeAnne's brain began piecing together the events of the day.  There wasn't a person on the Estate that she knew.  Her parents kept her phone so she couldn't call anyone.  For a millisecond she thought of bolting out of the room but where would she go?  She didn't have a clue as to where she actually was either.

Without thinking, her hands seemed to have a mind of their own and made their way to the top button of her jeans.  Perhaps the thing to do was to simply stop thinking about it and just do it.  In the end she thought, "What could happen.  I'd be embarrassed, he would be embarrassed and he would tell me to pull them back up."   She placed her thumbs on each side of her jeans waistband and slowly pulled her skin tight pants down.  She had to admit to herself there was an excitement to it all.  Here was man she'd never met before ordering her to do something she would have never dreamed of doing.  She felt vulnerable and safe at the same time.  After all Ms. Bell was downstairs.  Then came another thought.  She certainly wouldn't be the first young woman to show up in blue jeans so her mind accepted the idea that this must have happened to many other girls before her.

There was a peaceful excitement now, as her jeans were  pulled down to her thighs.  Still no response from Mr. Edwards either.  This must be what he wanted?  He would have said something if it wasn't, right?  What would be next?

Now, with her pants to her knees she was fully exposed and it was obvious she hadn't been wearing panties.  Mr. Edwards was calm and collected as his reaction to her unveiling seemed routine and ordinary.  LeAnne began to consider the idea that this had indeed happened before, with other young women just arriving, and this was now, for her, an unrehearsed scenario played out many time before.  If so, and this was just the first act, what was next?  The stage was set but for what?  The unknown was exciting and scary at the same time.  In truth, what was happening now could never have been dreamed of when she stepped foot on the train platform less than an hour ago.

She wanted so badly to know the plot and how her character's fate would conclude.  There was an undeniable sereneness about her surrendering to his authority.  It allowed her mind to accept standing there in front of a man, exposed and vulnerable, without feeling shame or humiliation.  Still, she could not help but wonder what would be next.  Would she find herself stand totally naked in front of him?

Finally, through what seemed like hours but in reality was only minutes, a response and reaction came from Mr. Edwards.  First came the scolding for wearing jeans and all the reasons why it was in the Quarter House Rules.  She had never heard it before but as she stood there exposed the rules seemed more than reasonable.  The idea of the rules being archaic and out dated was irrelevant since she was standing there with her jeans to her knees and fully unveiled anyway.  She would never have done this, or allowed it to happen before, but somehow this was different.  This was new, it was different, my god it was exciting in fact.  She had never been scolded like this and even though one might think it was unfair, because she had no idea of any requirements beforehand, LeAnne began to consider the idea of some penalty for her infraction.  Mr. Edwards asked LeAnne if she understood the rules regarding her wearing jeans and with more of a reflex response she gave a node indicating that she did.  In fact, she now had an insatiable desire to just take them completely off but of course didn't because there was still the thought that at any moment she would be ordered to pull them back up and button them.

There was no indication Mr. Edwards would be standing up and when he did LeAnne's body froze in anticipation.  She could imagine a great many things but decided to let her mind go blank instead.  All she could hear in the room was his voice ordering her to lean forward and place her hands on top of the table.   She had no clue that this is how it was done.  Since the beginning of Quarter House every young woman started her occupancy this way.  The key with every woman, young or old, is to establish authority and discover her willingness to submit to it.  With LeAnne there was a willingness in part because of the "unknown" factor.  Another reason was the thrill of exploration.  She hadn't been told what was happening next but she could make a very good educated guess.  As she rationalized it she could accept a spanking for a wide variety of reasons known only to her. 

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