Friday, January 13, 2017

Naughty Jamie's first spanking

Quarter House Rules
- Naughty Jamie-

Jamie arrived a few weeks earlier than LeAnne and was already finding Quarter House and its rules the most wonderful experience of her life.  Her father, a widower, seemed to have little time for her growing up and she longed for the attention of a man, but not just any man.  She had dreamed of a man with authority who could take her and mold her into the woman she wanted to become.

Jamie's first day at Quarter House was like all the other occupant's first days, filled with emotions from anxiety to wondrous bliss.  However, with Jamie there was an embracing and acceptance of her submissiveness that few fully experience.  Unlike the other occupants, when Jamie knew she was in for a spanking because Mr. Edwards sent her to her room, or if she simply wanted one and did whatever she needed to do to get it, she would take before pictures so she could gaze in the mirror afterwards and see how red her bottom really got, even though a camera was against Quarter House Rules.

There was no deigning her enthusiasm for being spanked was an addiction.  It was something she always thought about and at Quarter House it was a dream come true.  She had never been spanked before her arrival and now she couldn't think of ever not being spanked.  For Jamie, she had years of spankings to catch up on.

The reality was that she didn't need to try and get spanked.  Her undisciplined behavior anyway got her into enough trouble without intentionally provoking a spanking.

She would never be able to forget the day, time, minute and second of that first spanking she received from Mr. Edwards. Jamie hadn't been at Quarter House for more than an hour, less in fact, and she had broken a rule.  She hadn't been given the customary welcome spanking yet but since she had broken a rule, which, she already knew should be obeyed, Mr. Edwards felt it best to welcome her with a good disciplinary spanking.  

He took her by the arm and calmly walked her into the game room.  Leaving the door open wide he walked her to the wooden chair conveniently positioned for maximum arm swinging and sat down.  For a few seconds Jamie was a bit confused.  At first she thought, "Where am I gonna sit?"   But as she stood to his right it then quickly dawned on her that she wasn't going to be sitting, perhaps for awhile.

Mr. Edwards casually leaned to his right and with his right hand began pulling down one side of her gym shorts and with his left pulled down the other side.  He made sure in doing so that her panties came down at the same time.  In a split second, before she could get a word of protest out she was across his lap with her bottom fully exposed and his right hand still sliding everything down for maximum exposure to his target area.  The only thing she had time to do was think to herself, "He's not messing around here is he?"

She was confused at the time.  Part of her was a bit frightened while another part of her was experiencing pure excitement.  "Is this how spankings start?  Is he going to use his hand?"  It was perhaps the thought of Mr. Edwards using his bare hand on her bare bottom that made her feel an excitement she'd never experienced.

The idea of her shorts and panties around her ankles and her exposed like that almost made her want to cheer Mr. Edwards on.  She had know idea what a spanking felt like but just before that first swat she had a feeling she would be wanting a lot more in the future.  Then it landed!  The callused palm of a man's hand that pretty much fully covered her right check and then her left.  To her surprise there was more shock than pain.  The shock came for the honest fact that those first two smacks didn't really hurt at all.

Jamie was unaware of what a warm up spanking entailed.  Since it was her first Mr. Edwards would begin by warming her bottom up in such a way that it wouldn't hurt as much during the spanking but after the effects would be felt for some time.  Many a young woman had fallen under the deception that the spanking they were getting wasn't all that bad, until afterwards and they tried sitting down or had to sleep on there stomach.

Mr. Edwards hand began a steady rhythm and it wasn't long before Jamie's legs began their dance as she tried moving her bottom around to perhaps miss each blow.  She didn't take into account his expert aim, not to mention experience, with spanking naughty bottoms.  It didn't take long for her to realize that with her shorts and panties around her ankles she was in a sense, all tied up.  Each smack was slightly beginning to intensify and like every rookie spankee Jamie instinctively reached around with her freed right hand to protect her bare skinned behind.

With a simple ease and grace Mr. Edwards grabbed her wrist and pinned her arm to the small of her back.  Now she would find out what getting down to business in a spanking really meant.

There was a sense of fear but she wasn't afraid.  It was more of a fear of the unknown yet adventurous in nature.  "How long would the spanking last?  How long would the effects of the spanking linger?  Would she be spanked to the point of crying?"  All of these questions and more raced through her mind and still she was focused on his bare hand making contact with her bare bottom.  It was exhilarating to her.

 Jamie's legs had been flailing, thrashing and kicking so much that she finally managed to fling off the panties and shorts around her ankles.  Now with every swat her legs quivered and trembled with each going their own direction without the restraints.  She was stimulated by the spanking and sensing form the pain at the same time.  Wanting it to get over with and wanting it to never end. 

Thoughts raced through her mind as to what would happen when it was all over.  This being her first spanking ever the idea of aftercare was unknown to her. 

Then it stopped and so did the kicking.  His hand went down her left leg and even with the pain throbbing from her bottom she couldn't help but wonder where exactly his hand was going.  The reality was that he would use his hand to slightly push on the inside of her left knee and he instructed her to stand.  He then guided her to his lap where she sat as he comforted her while she regained her composer.  She thought, "I want to do this again!"

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