Monday, January 2, 2017

The Arrival - continued five

There was an unexpected sensation originating from her now well spanked bottom.  It was a threshold she had reached and now the pain seemed to be dissipating.  She wasn't sure what to think.  It wasn't hurting half as bad as it was just minutes earlier.  But, as she witnessed in the mirror Mr. Edwards' hand still coming down she felt she should still be putting up a fuss and verbalizing discomfort.  If not then perhaps he'd feel she could take more and the spanking might continue on.

Just as she thought it might get worse Mr. Edwards' rhythm began slowing as the smacks from one check to the next got further apart in frequency.  He began scolding her and explaining why the spanking wasn't just for wearing blue jeans.  She was more than willing to give out a hearty, "Yes ,Sir!" with the hope it would slow his pace even more and it did.

Then finally his hand stopped coming down and he told her to stand.  Sobbing and rubbing her sore bottom Mr. Edwards got up from the chair and pointed to it and told her to knell on the seat and fact the back of the chair.  LeAnne gave a horrified look of surprise with the only thought running through her mind was there was more to come.  But, she did as she was told.

Her spanking was over and now Mr. Edwards simply wanted to get a good look at his handy work.  It was also a resting, or cooling of period, for LeAnne while she gathered her composure.  As she knelt there and exposed Mr. Edwards went over some rules again and reminded her that if she broke any of them, even that day, she would be getting another spanking.  Of course LeAnne responded with a "Yes, Sir!" and "No, Sir!" like she was in boot camp.  She wanted there to be no doubt regarding her compliance with The Quarter House Rules.

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