Friday, January 6, 2017

The Stables - continued two

 "You're getting a hair brush this time," LeAnne heard as she was able to sneak up and hide in an empty stall right across from the office door, which was open and for any and all to see.  The girl's pants and panty's came down and without any fuss she went right across the Stable Mistress' lap.

Within seconds of being across her lap the hair brush came down with a no none sense manner and force.  One resounding "Smack" after another.  First on the right check and then on the left.  As the girl's spanking continued and continued LeAnne found herself more and more engrossed in the entire event.

LeAnne had never witnessed such a thing.  There was no attempt to hide what was happening.  Anyone could walk right by and see what was taking place.  Would they stop and stand there to watch or would they simply keep going?  As she watched each stroke of the hair brush land on the girls bare and very tight bottom LeAnne began realizing she was aroused by all that was happening.  How long would the spanking keep going?  Would the girl soon being crying?  How often did she get spanked and how often did the Stable Mistress deliver spankings to her or any of the tenants at Quarter House?  Would the girl be spanked to tears and then told to stand in the corner or would she be sent back outside without any bottoms on at all to complete the duties she got spanked for.

LeAnne's mind was racing.  She could help find herself excited by what was happening either.  She looked around to make sure there was no one else around and when she was sure she slid her panty's down, lifted her skirt and began fingering herself to complete the moment.  48 hours earlier she would never, in her wildest dreams, think she'd be standing in a horse stall watching a young woman getting her naked bottom spanked with a hair brush while she stood their panty's to her ankles fingering herself.  She couldn't help think of herself as being the naughty girl getting spanked and it aroused her like she'd never been before.

It seemed LeAnne's finger was keeping rhythm with every stock of the brush.  The sound each slap made as it found it's way to her ears intensified more and more. 

This was such a no none sense spanking and LeAnne couldn't help the feeling of pure freedom in its expression.  There was no doubt that she had been awaken to feelings she never knew she would ever have.

As the brush came down faster LeAnne's finger worked harder.  As the girl moaned more and more LeAnne quietly moaned with her.  It was as though the two of them were experiencing the moment together but one experiencing the pain and the other the pleasure. 

And now with her legs kicking and the brush coming down even harder and faster LeAnne knew it would soon be over.  She wanted desperately to climax before the end for the girl's spanking was through and before the last stroke came down she came too.  Standing there with her legs spread apart they began to quiver as she climaxed to the stable girls punishment.

It seemed as soon as the spanking started it was over.  It couldn't have lasted more than 5 minutes and the stable girl was standing, rubbing her bottom and whimpering as the Stable Mistress ordered her to put her bottoms back on and get back out to her chores.  But it just occurred to LeAnne that she was now stuck there.  She quietly bent down and pulled her panties up but was too afraid to peak over the stall window to see if the coast was clear.  There was a rush of anxiety mixed with shear terror and excitement while she stayed still hoping the two would be leaving soon so she could go unnoticed while she left the stables.  As  she knelt there she wondered if one day she would be across the same lap getting her bottom spanked red.  The thought of getting spanked by Mr. Edwards now seemed exciting.  In part because he was a man she had never met before until yesterday and he had not only seen her naked from the waist down but had spanked her naked bottom with his hand far more than she wanted, at the time.  Now with the thought of a female doing the same thing it seemed adventurous and even stimulating.

LeAnne waited in the stall for only a few minutes when the coast was clear but at that moment it seemed an hour.  As stepped outside the warm morning sun reminded her that it was not only a new day but a new an exciting life ahead.  In less than 24 hours she had left her old life behind and was now living a brand new one.  One that she could never have imagined but was eager to explore.  The Quarter House estate was large to say the least and she had a lot to explore that day.  As she walked from the stable to the road she looked toward the house and then turned to walk down the road and go further into the estate and explore.

LeAnne being the naive young woman that she was, had no idea that she was embarking on a new life that she had never expected or even dreamed of.  

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